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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 17, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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you're about to witness a crash of epic proportion. a driver was able to survive this. the miracle of birth becomes a family affair for child number six. see the little one's welcome into the circle of love. >> yes, this guy might be charged with -- >> not wearing any clothes whatsoever. >> it's a crazy tale of the man who dropped trou. a gamer wants to game instead of work. >> dad has had enough.
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>> he told his son to get a job. >> dash cam video from busy roadway here. lots of trucks on the highway. traffic is moving along at a normal pace. but because the traffic is moving at a normal pace, i believe that could be what causes this to happen. that yellow dhl truck moves into the right hand lane. another car approaches in the far left hand lane. that blue four door moves to the middle lane and transitions to the exit lane. >> debris explodes down the roadway and you are assuming the worst. remarkably, the 25-year-old woman driver in this car survived the incident, is recovering and is expected to be just fine. >> that's unbelievable. that car looks like a tuna can.
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this bridge is always on the web. >> you see. this moving truck. you see signs all over the place. 11'8", that's the amount of clearance you've got t get under the bridge. >> there is an entire website set up for this bridge. 11'8".com this happens so frequently the railroad has installed a crash bar before the bridge so the bridge doesn't take the impact, that bar does. >> guy's not done. puts it in reverse. starts to back up. by doing that, he damages the warning lights that are above there, as well. you see those come crashing down, too. >> we have run-ins with the
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police from around the world. the first one is in windsor station in melbourne where cops have been accused of perhaps excessive force. they have a guy starts bend over the wall. the police turn up. it's at the end of the video it's revealed he is a school kid. they keep him against the wall three minutes. the whole time he is screaming and shouting all kinds of abuse. he was on a train and they came up to show his ticket. they were taking notes about him, names and address on a notebook. he tries to grab the notebook, the mikey and tries to run away again, messed it up and that's where he got taken into custody
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like this. >> that seems like a lot. >> i feel like he brought it on himself. >> i think he needs a spanking. >> i seriously does, too. while the kid is 15 years old, he is 15 years old. half the time they deserve what they get. >> you see someone getting arrested in the middle. road rage. >> failure to use a turn signal. >> close. it was a case of failure to not be wearing any clothes whatsoever as it was a crazy naked man. they fired a fire extinguisher to disrupt him a little bit. he almost gets hit by a car. he is skipping around. he finally gets arrested. he was taken to have his mental health assessed.
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he drops trou and is leaping all over the road. >> this is what you want to see when you go whale watching in monterey. humpback whales. fishing and whale watching caught this beautiful imagery. >> i would say these folks on this whale watching tour, they got their money's worth. >> every penny. >> this video posted by the up cycle club, that is a beautiful spotted moray eel. m
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m m maldives, the best place for spotting it. >> i told you. >> you guys are looking at a pretty incredible beauty campaign put together by a company in japan called polup. they are focusing on something common in japan. when women get married and become mothers, their name becomes mom. this is for the majority of women. most people call that woman mom. she is no longer addressed by her first name. also in the professional world, men and women are called by the job they hold, not by their actual name. >> you kind of lose a sense of your own personal identity to this group identity. you are being identified by what you do or the role you play within the household. so this video is doing something completely different. they are actually going to each of these women and they are calling them by their name.
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>> every time you see it happen, you see pure joy. you see these huge smiles. the remarkable thing during a study, when women are called by their names, it makes them feel more beautiful. >> it's really interesting to see the way they react. just their name. >> it's something that simple. if you are trying to make a cultural change. >> the whole idea is every woman has the instinct to be beautiful. you just have to bring that out. >> a rapper are childish gambino puts on a show for his fans. >> i like this for the single reason what he throws down right
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here. >> he calls out a dude in the crowd. >> plus a speeding fire truck comes to a halt when -- >> pulls up behind them. sirens going. you've got to be kidding me. >> how they handle the road block. >> you have got to be kidding me. gogoododninighght.t. gogoodnight. fofor r ththosose e kekeptpt n ththe e ninighght t isis a anyn. inintrtrododucucining g nenew w. ththe e fifirsrst t onone e wiwp aid. plplusus t thehe 1 12 2 hohouf aleve fofor r papainin r relelieief t until the am. nonow w yoyou u cacan n hahavet anand d a.a..... gogoodod m morornining! nenew w alaleveve e pmpm f for.
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call us now to receive the coverage you need in two-thousand fifteen. affordable medicare coverage from a name you can trust. call us today. toll free at... i have a couple of videos from around the world. the first one very dramatic footage from china. seven people who had been out, enjoying the beach. they got caught out by the advancing tide. as this guy starts going down on the winch, these people are huddled together on these rocks. they start attaching people to the winch, picking them up taking them across the mainland. there are only five people left
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because a 4-year-old boy and his cousin were swept away. they still have not been found. it was brutal. when they are rescuing the second person, there is a huge wave that comes in. >> there is so much power. >> that's why they couldn't just try to swim the 500 meters. in the end they do rescue everybody on the rocks. >> our second video to germany. they are coming up to the traffic light. there is a line of cars at the red light and a green car that stops at the red light, as well. pulls up behind them. fire is going. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> what an idiot. you want to take that person and slap sense into them. >> pull over. get in front of that red car and let the fire truck through. >> pull forward three feet. eventually this guy, the guy on the left, pulls through to give some room but there is still not
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enough room. he has to try to get his way around. look what happened. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> he can get a ticket for that. >> they must have been using pretty choice german swear words. >> i think i have the number one fan of this new rapper childish gambino. >> this is going to be the best song ever. >> this video from red bull tv. here he is in austin city limits performing his song. this dude is incredibly popular. his real name is donald glover, songwriter, actor, comedian, he wrote for "30 rock" and had a part on "community." super talented dude. i don't like him for any of those reasons. i like him for the singular reason during his performance he
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throws down right here. >> you've got to turn it up. >> he is correcting someone from shooting a vertical video. >> i am single-handedly trying to eliminate vertical video from the world. childish gambino on my team. >> you need to turn it this way. stop recording, then start back up. >> i love you. you've been listening to me, too. thank you so much. you are correct. thanks for the wonders of the internet, we've got the angle from mr. vertical video. the funny part is the song is really about somebody recording video like this. the song has something to do with it. that's better in my opinion. thank you, childish gambino.
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>> the miracle of life. the actual birthday caught on camera in beautiful form. this is suzanna cox and her husband brian. they are expecting child number six. even though mom is struggling, mom is in labor for the majority of this video, her family is present. everyone is around. dad is very involved. she is in the comfort of her home. you can see this pool is in the middle of their bedroom. >> she has six children. do they just own that birthing pool. >> time to get that birthing pool back out. >> it's the professional from tender beginnings birth services. you can tell she is in pain. her children are there to comfort her. you see her young son rubbing her arm. she is moaning a littleok son i playing guitar for his mom. listen to this.
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you can tell she is in pain, but completely calm. >> she is in pain. >> some people suggest this makes it a much easier process. >> the home birth is becoming popular. >> do you want to see the moment child number six, a beautiful baby girl is born? >> do i? >> let gravity work. >> all i heard her go was ah. that was it. no screaming. >> child number six. she is familiar with the feeling. >> what is so incredible is that the whole family is there. >> one of her younger sons says it best. >> she is adorable. >> they decided to name her magnolia plum. >> dude races a train one stop to the next.
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>> find out if he can catch the ride. >> they met way back in 2009. >> when? >> 50 years ago in 2009. >> okay. got it. >> why they are going old to reveal something new. >> that is the most special.
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>> i don't know what it is about humans. we are always racing. this guy is trying to race the tube in finland. he is going to exit the train, run 450 meters through the streets of stockholm and get back on the same train before it leaves the second station. >> dude leaps through the ticket booth. up to the stairs. he is absolutely flying down the street but the gopro is like woo, woo, woo. >> he must look like a fleeing thief to people on the street. wow, what did you just steal? >> he approaches the next station here. dodges left, dodges right. excuse me, excuse me. tears down the stairs. comes down the ticket booth. can't leap over this one. >> the tension. >> you can see the train is pulling into the station. he goes down this escalator like
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a mad man. >> i hope he makes it. i would like to see all that effort was worth it. >> you can see him coming down the steps. he's got to make it from the center. door is going to close. fortunately, he makes it like a legend. gets inside the train. does it. >> brilliant. rabbit one, zero. >> what happens when you get the wrong size cake? that's not what i wanted. >> check out this lovely couple andrew and megan. they've been married a long time. >> that's a long time. >> they met way back in 2009. >> they met when? >> 50 years ago in 2009. >> okay. got it. >> they decided to put a
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beautiful video together to share their long story together. the story of their life. >> we started just friends. i never thought i would be so lucky. >> we were buddies. >> got engaged september 2013. >> carlsbad. >> he almost dropped the ring in. we were married in fresno. >> yes. in june of '14. >> 2014. >> then the most special moment happened. our little that? >> spring of 2015. >> oh, oh, we are making an announcement to their families, aren't we? >> their family and friends basically just found out they're pregnant. they are expecting a baby. >> that's when we welcomed the first baby.
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>> that's right. >> dad wants his son to put down the video games and get a job. >> look at what i'm wearing? i did do it. >> but dad has had enough. >> how he shows his son he ain't messing around any more. >> dad, dad! the avav
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pumpkin, put it in the middle of the table and start spooning it out. >> jumping for joy. >> you got to feel bad for the
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dads that have such little tolerance for their kids' shenanigans. they lose their minds and do crazy things. this is dad having an argument with his son over xbox. dad has been telling his son to get a job. >> look at what i'm wearing. i did do it. i applied. now i can play video games. >> dad has had enough. >> dad is raging so much that he broke the window on the family's suv with the xbox. takes it a step further and starts breaking all the windows of the car. meanwhile, the son is straight-up freaking out, can't believe his dad is capable of such atrocity. >> me either. i can't believe it either.
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in fact, i'm not going to believe it. i'm going to call fakery. >> this is not the same guy who was playing xbox one where the dan ran over with the lawn mower, is it? >> yes. this is the same dad and son featured in this video where dad is shredding with a lawn mower all his son's video games. it is kind of fun to watch them destroy all this crazy stuff. you wonder how far they'll take it next time. >> that's it for rtm. see you next time. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions.
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